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1880 the toilet paper rewinder can produce several kinds of paper.

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       The paper towels commonly used in daily life are rolled paper, paper, napkin paper, handkerchief paper, wipe paper, small dish paper, etc. These paper towels are not processed and produced with the same equipment, so before entering the domestic paper processing industry, we should first make clear what paper towels to be processed in order to select the appropriate equipment, in the near future, there are a few. Many consulting office toilet paper processing factory customers, we often understand a problem, that is, 1880 toilet paper processing equipment can do what paper, the following to everyone in detail, for your reference.

       The equipment for producing rolled paper generally refers to 1880 toilet paper rewinder, band saw paper cutter and water-cooled sealing machine. The band saw paper cutter and water-cooled sealing machine are the necessary equipment for toilet paper rewinder. Only when the three equipments cooperate can the ideal rolled paper be produced. The raw material used is bar paper.

       Now we often see toilet paper with paper tube with a core toilet paper, there is no paper tube with a core toilet paper, and the other is a single roll of plastic film packaging toilet paper, toilet paper size, roll size, different brands are also different, generally a toilet paper has two jin, five jin, but also There are ten jin, the price is different according to the toilet paper material, the price is completely different.

       Nowadays, 1880 toilet paper processing equipment is commonly used in small and medium-sized toilet paper processing plants. This equipment includes 1880 toilet paper rewinder, band saw cutting machine, water-cooled sealing machine. It can process raw materials of toilet paper under 2.2 meters produced by paper mills, and can produce about two tons of finished toilet paper in eight hours. PLC program control, and with automatic rewinding, full embossing, glue spray finishing and other functions, is the more popular sales of toilet paper processing equipment.

       Pumping paper can be divided into soft-drawing paper and box-drawing paper. Besides a paper-drawing machine, soft-drawing paper packer and box-sealing machine are also needed. If soft-drawing paper is needed, soft-drawing paper packer and napkin-producing equipment can be completed by one machine. However, napkin-making machine is divided into ordinary napkin-paper machine and color-printing napkin-paper machine, and the raw materials used are used. The material is disk paper.

       Handkerchief paper production equipment and napkin paper production equipment process are the same, but the folding way of handkerchief paper more than napkin paper, handkerchief paper specifications are relatively single, the common model is 210! The production of small disc paper can be completed by a small disc paper cutting and rewinding machine. The products processed by the small disc paper cutting and rewinding machine are generally used for toilet and kitchen paper, and the raw materials used are still stick paper.

       From the above description we can understand that paper processing equipment is a relatively broad concept, covering all the processing of paper equipment, different paper for different machines, a machine can not produce two different paper towels!

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