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Which kind of toilet paper rewinder is chosen for sanitary paper processing?

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       Which kind of toilet paper rewinder is chosen for sanitary paper processing? For the industry novice, is also a fog, most people are looking on the Internet, see each manufacturer on the Internet said their equipment is good, at the same time it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, the reason is that we know little about the industry, do not know what kind of toilet paper rewinder do well, not only to buy toilet paper processing equipment Starting from their own conditions, we should start from the reputation, after-sale and equipment quality of machine manufacturers. The following is based on the industry's narrative, summed up a few ways to buy toilet paper rewinder, look at it together.

       Toilet paper rewinder refers to the equipment needed for toilet paper rewinding processing, mainly used for the base paper to toilet paper rewinder processing rather than papermaking. Orders for toilet paper rewinders can be made either by direct arrival at the manufacturer or by facsimile signature or by contract.

        1. Make sure what kind of product you want to make, that is, whether you want to make rolled paper coreless or paper tube, which kind of production more. This will help you choose the function and automation of your equipment when you are not well-funded, and reduce the cost of starting a business. The specific functions of the equipment will be introduced to you by manufacturers.

       2, you need to know the size of your original paper. Taking the 1880 type of toilet paper rewinder, the size of the base paper it can process is 2.2 meters. That is to say, as long as it is less than 2.2 meters of toilet paper base paper can be used 1880 toilet paper rewinder rewinding processing.

       3, we are concerned about the power supply. The general equipment is 380V 50HZ, if you lack power or inconvenient to use there, then you can choose two-phase power, that is 220V 50HZ. Before making the equipment, we must make it clear that the manufacturer can customize it according to your requirements.

       4. The area of equipment. This also depends on the type of your equipment, 1880 of the equipment, 100 square or so of the factory is enough.

       5, can we pay for the goods directly? The equipment of our factory is made by customers, and the prototype is very few. Most of them require customers to make their own orders, the delivery date is 10 days, and the delivery time in special period will be a little longer. Therefore, the purchase of equipment is still paid in advance, and the goods are paid after the inspection.

      6, after-sales service of equipment. The after-sale service of paper equipment is slightly different from that of other manufacturers, and the warranty period is generally one year.

       For the customers who pay more attention to the degree of automation of the equipment, it is suggested that the above equipment can be directly connected to the automatic band saw paper cutter when choosing the above equipment. In this way, the solid paper winding machine from the rewinder to the band saw paper cutter can be done without manual, manual only need to be packaged. If there are three shifts, a machine can save three workers. In fact, rewinding process is mainly aimed at the family, 1880 toilet paper rewinder is particularly suitable for family type, the reason is welcome mainly with the development of large-scale paper machine, and Dingcheng 1880 toilet paper rewinder can process 2.1 meters below the toilet paper shaft paper, compared with other models of equipment, 1880 toilet paper rewinder equipment. More practical.

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