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How to distinguish the type of toilet paper processing equipment? Why is the price difference so great?

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       Friends who want to make toilet paper will find out after a simple understanding. To do toilet paper processing equipment is the main toilet paper rewinder, but there are different sizes of toilet paper models. What are the models of toilet paper rewinder, and what are the different models? Which model is suitable for your own toilet paper rewinder?

       The type of toilet paper processing equipment is generally divided according to the length of raw materials. The type of toilet paper processing equipment is generally 1575, 1880, 3000 and so on. These models can process various raw material lengths. For example, the 1575 model can use the base paper with the length below 1.8 meters, and the 1880 model can use the raw paper with the length below 2.2 meters. Paper, 3000 model can use the length of less than 3 meters of base paper, the longer the length of the higher output, of course, the price is more expensive.

       If it is a home workshop and small processing plants, are recommended to use small and medium-sized toilet paper processing equipment, such as the commonly used 1880 model toilet paper rewinder. Most toilet paper processing equipment manufacturers will recommend 1880 model, 1880 model toilet paper rewinder frequency control, pneumatic control, rewinding, punching, automatic paper pushing, automatic bar, draw shaft flattening, automatic trimming, spraying glue in one, you produce high-grade toilet paper, reduce wastage, improve economic efficiency is good Equipment.

     We can determine which type of toilet paper rewinder we need according to our own situation. We should consider the quality, configuration, automation and after-sales aspects of the machine when choosing.

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