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Which is better to sell toilet paper and paper? Where is the profit higher?

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       The prospects for the toilet paper industry are good because toilet paper is consumed by everyone, daily necessities, in great demand, and non-recyclable.

       Until now, the sales and consumption of toilet paper in China are increasing every year. The industry of toilet paper processing is becoming more and more popular and competition is becoming bigger and bigger. At present, the volume of toilet paper roll and roll paper is high in the market, but the investment and profit are different in the process of paper drawing and roll paper processing. Which one is more profitable to do paper drawing and roll paper processing?

       Let's look at the investment costs and profits of paper-drawing processing: paper-drawing processing needs a paper-drawing machine and a soft-drawing packaging machine or a box-sealing machine. Choose a soft investment of around one hundred thousand, choose a box to draw a set of investment around seventy thousand. A set of small three-row paper pumping machines can produce about one ton in eight hours. The net profit of one ton of paper pumping machine varies from 12 to 15 according to the mode of sale.

       The investment cost and profit of toilet paper processing: The toilet paper processing needs one automatic rewinder, one cutting machine and one sealing machine, each of which is indispensable. Choose semi-automatic investment between 40,000 and 60,000, choose automatic production line investment between 130,000 and 150,000. The output of 8 hours is about 2 tons, and the net profit per ton is about 1,000 to 12,000, depending on the mode of sale.

       The profit of a ton of profit is bigger than that of paper reeling, but the output of paper reeling is bigger, and the current market sales are bigger than that of paper reeling. The profit of the paper extraction market is larger than that of the reel paper, and the competition manufacturers are also less. As long as the proper way of operation, whether it is to do paper processing or roll paper processing are profitable, the specific more profitable also depends on the individual's choice of capital investment and operating methods.

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