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Shibei Town, Shihai Town, Nanhai District, Foshan

Industrial Park Xingye roadside workshop three

    The company's work concept is customer centered. These factors cooperate with each other to form a whole, thus becoming at any time to solve the problem of domestic paper processing equipment and packaging equipment. At the same time, our comprehensive service system guarantees the use of Hong Rui Xing machinery products worldwide.


       The company's services are centered on "customers", and customers are the core of our service. Of course, our understanding of "customer service" goes far beyond the provision of domestic paper processing equipment and packaging equipment. Professional application engineers provide consulting services to customers on the post-processing equipment and packaging equipment of each domestic paper. It is precisely because our application engineers have a comprehensive application of technology, for customers around the world to answer a variety of questions of life paper processing equipment and packaging equipment technology, so that Hongruixing machinery can be good and running.


     We sincerely hope that you can tell our customer service center your feelings and opinions whenever you are not satisfied with our cooperation or think that our employees are unfair in business talks and dealing with business relations with you.


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